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05-Jan-2018 06:42

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Black people have NO right to complain about cultural appropriation or the Kardashians using black men because it is the black community which chooses to participate.

If the black community decided to stop participating in Hollywood’s circus sideshow, these things would dissipate.

Police said the victim was with her friends at a house when Cooper shoved her into a room with other two suspects to ‘teach her a lesson about dating black men’.

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Before we get into the Kardashians, let’s begin with some appetizers. Check out my short video on Youtube where I talk about her image transformation – 3 YEARS AGO! Black women are being targeted by advertisers, business owners, TV programming and of course our beloved celebrities. past like the Kardashian girls and doesn’t tout fake boobs or buttocks. We’re all being used to keep these people relevant.Irv Gotti has taken to social media, explaining why he feels racists are really upset. Over the weekend, he posted a lengthy message stating that racists are livid that the Kardashian and Jenner daughters are dating black men. Justin Bieber came into the music business with who? Taylor Swift has even been accused of cultural appropriation. Why do you think the Kardashian clan is targeting black men? Lastly, when a black man dates a white woman, black women tend to hate it and talk about it – PROFUSELY! As long as they can leverage our conversation for dollars, they’ll do anything to keep us talking.

Because that gets the attention of the black female audience. Do you think Rob Kardashian dated Blac Chyna because he liked her? It gave him an opportunity to become relevant, gain popularity and money. Race mixing is ALWAYS a great way to get people talking because of the racial relations in the United States, both in the past and NOW – with Trump in office.

The victim escaped from the room after her perpetrators had left the room and was found by the police, ‘limping and bleeding’.