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I think my enthusiasm for travel petered out somewhere around February when I first moved to China. Traveling hasn’t been quite so easy for me – especially given my lack of Mandarin skills and my love for personal space.In the past eight months, I’ve managed only a handful of trips outside of Wuxi despite having more than enough vacation time and, you know, the fact that I’m actually making cash-money these days. Okay, maybe it to fish for my dinner, but it’s nice to know that I have that option, you know? Seeing as I work in China, my only time to travel has been during the weekends, national holidays and breaks from school – which also happens to be the exact same time that everybody else in China is traveling. And when they’re all traveling at once, well, let’s just say, things can get pretty cramped pretty quickly.

I’m pretty sure I crushed a few of my vital organs. Admittedly, I’ve never been the super gung-ho, global nomad type traveler anyway — no matter where I’ve lived.

Maybe my problem is that I don’t feel like traveling anymore. In fact, other than a few trips I had to take for work and a couple family pilgrimages to the Midwest, I hardly even left New York State. On my second night in town, after gorging myself on fried dumplings and cake, I sat in a local park and thought about how happy I was to be traveling again.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t feel like traveling on my own anymore. You see, back in those days, I only had a measly two weeks of vacation time. “It’s back,” I thought to myself, “The travel feeling is back!

After all, what kind of travel blogger admits she doesn’t want to travel anymore? At first, he stops laughing at your jokes and telling you that you look pretty.

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That’s kind of like a mommy blogger saying, “Yeah, umm, about this baby thing? Then he stops calling you, but he’ll still pick up the phone when you call him. And after a few days of that, you’re all like, “Whatever. But maybe I’ll just try to call him one more time in case he lost my number or was kidnapped by Mongolian street bandits.” And, when you do eventually get a hold of him, he comes up with some lame excuse for not calling you (that doesn’t even include street bandits). Except I’ve been the one avoiding the phone calls and saying I didn’t think things were going to work out between us, and travel was the one crying on the phone. (I mean, do I just hang up the phone or wait for travel to stop crying?Topics ave included safe dating, human trafficking, internet safety and more.​ ​Type your paragraph here.

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