Davedays and kimmi smiles dating

09-Jan-2018 20:51

He created his You Tube channel on August 25, 2007, which debuted with the release of Chocolate Rain (Pop-Punk Parody), and followed with a series of other videos parodying popular You Tube videos and performers.As "Dave Days", he quickly attracted enough of an audience to become a You Tube partner (earning income from advertisements) and, after just over a year, had over 200,000 subscribers and over 50 million views.He has since released many original songs such as Olive You, Last Song, and What Does it Take.

Dave's first album, The Dave Days Show, was released in 2009.Dave began gaining popularity from his comedic video skits depicting Miley Cyrus cardboard cutouts and covering her songs.Dave made a music video with Miley Cyrus called Last Song in which the actress/singer makes a cameo appearance.Dave began posting videos during the summer of 2007 with Chris Carter (aka iamchrisc).

His first videos were parodies of other youtubers as well as covers to popular songs by Beyone, Owl City, and Beyonce.Dave has passed the 1,000,000 subscriber mark on You Tube and his videos are featured in commercials and advertisements.

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