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Since the Moors were part of Spanish culture, it is possible that Moors were part of the invasion.This theory, however, is not based on genealogical studies of Beethoven’s past, which are available to the public.Rather, it is based on the assumption that one of Beethoven’s ancestors had a child out of wedlock.Another part of this theory is that Beethoven was given the nickname “Spaniard” as a child because he had a dark complexion by European standards.He was able to hear sounds in a muted way through bone convection (such as a timpani sound coming through a wooden floor).

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Those bones were saved for many years, but their location is currently unknown.

Magdiel Sanchez was hit by at least one bullet and Tasered when police turned up at his home, at Shields Boulevard in Oklahoma City in the US, after his father was involved in a hit-and-run.

The first officer to arrive believed the 2ft-long pipe Mr Sanchez was holding was a weapon and called for back-up after he allegedly started moving with it, police said.

Currently, the three leading candidates are Antonie Brentano, Josephine Brunswick, and Bettina Brentano. In his later years, he is known to have consumed a bottle of wine with dinner.

It is true that, in his later years, his consumption of alcohol affected his health, and his doctors urged either more moderation or for him to stop.Julio Rayos, a neighbour, told local news website Mr Mathews admitted: "The witnesses were yelling that this person, Mr Sanchez, was deaf, and could not hear.