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On the way back, three Wraith Darts came through the Stargate.

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(SGA: "Rising") John Sheppard was born to a wealthy family and was the son of Patrick Sheppard, a utilities mogul.He was questioned by the Keeper about how he acquired the Life signs detector but Ford, who followed Sheppard's boot trail, arrived saved him from being feed on.They then blew the C-4 and escaped back to the Puddle Jumper but with the unfortunate result of awakening the Wraith from their hibernation cycle fifty years prematurely.(SGA: "Rising", "Phantoms", "Travelers", "Outcast") On one of his operations, he initiated a black mark by going on an unsanctioned rescue mission to save the lives of three servicemen.

Another unsanctioned op was to save the life of his friend, Captain Lyle Holland, whose Apache helicopter had crashed in Afghanistan.

He trained to become a pilot for a large variety of aircraft, such as the Apache helicopter, Blackhawk and Cobra helicopters, as well as a V-22 Osprey and an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter, indicating that he graduated from Test Pilot School.