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A Star Is Born was co-produced by Streisand and her then-partner Jon Peters for Barwood Films and Warner Brothers, with Peters as the main producer and Streisand as executive.

Among actors considered for the male lead were Neil Diamond and Marlon Brando.

For the man, his career is his defense against a self-destructive part of himself that has led him into outrageous bursts of drunkenness, drugs, love affairs, fights and adventures that have made him a legend.

These films need sentiment to balance out the nihilism that comes from watching civilization crumble in exacting detail over and over again.They're all fucking batman At wayne manor, in the batcave Butler alfred is our love slave Riddle me this Holy bathhouse I'm fucking amy whinehouse He's fucking amy whinehouse Yeah on the down low low low And I'm fucking jessica simpson Cuz I'm on blow blow blow She's fucking jessica simpson Oh yeah And I think I mite have fucked that hot assassin Everyone's fucked me And I've fucked em back you see And the mexican too With the tragic hairdo Call it, heads, I'm fucking J.TI'm fucking that male model Cos he's so fine And I like to get up with calvin Klein's It's true. T fuck my ass again But I'm also fucking prince caspian I am handsome and I am cool That's why this prince fucks the kids from high school Cum on lets hear it Now's the time to party Let me hear you You know what time it is? no what time is it It's time to get fucked-fuck me-no, fuck me-fuck me...Believing in her talent, John gives her a helping hand and her career begins to eclipse his.

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Writer and director Frank Pierson, in his New West magazine article "My Battles With Barbra and Jon" summarized it thusly: "An actress is a little more than a woman, an actor a little less than a man (Oscar Wilde) ...About half the songs in Disaster Movie are spoofs of songs from popular movies, including Juno, High School Musical, Enchanted and a trio of from The Chipmunks.

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