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The story is a comedy about the struggles of modern day college dating/party culture as well as a story about the bonds of friendship.will be filmed from March 24th-29th, and all donations will help increase the production value and overall quality of the film, so please consider donating!Greece is always going to vote for Cyprus and vice versa and the Eastern Bloc countries stick together. Bonnie’s got a great chance, she’s a veteran and will do us proud. A lot of people on Twitter seemed shocked when they saw me talk about it on The Big Reunion but I came out three years ago. Still to this day a lot of people are frightened to come out and there is a lot of stigma about it in certain countries but we’re much more accepting in Britain.Bandmate Antony Costa has said he spent all his money and is skint. After Blue, I was fortunate enough to keep working and did musicals, a sitcom, Dancing On Ice, the National Lottery – I was lucky but Antony found it a struggle. If you’re not earning you’re not going to have any money. It’s funny, because when the story came, I thought everyone knew so I guess that was a misconception. Most people don’t give a s**t if you’re gay, straight or whatever but there are a lot of people who are still closeted and afraid to come out so I hope my little story will show you can do it and nothing bad’s going to happen.That’s why we called the album Roulette because it’s a gamble. When we split up, we all did solo projects and were told what we’d release as singles. Unless you’re really massive, you don’t have a lot of creative control.There were tracks we wouldn’t have chosen to release ourselves.Coming back together as a band doing it ourselves gives us more control.

Here is a brief breakdown of our requested budget:0 - locations 0 - set decorations, costumes, props.Advoz: Mediation & Restorative Practices, Baltimore/Nationwide Unrest, Occupy Colorado, Chris Hedges, Black Agenda Report, Together4Boulder, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Radio Show, Sustain US, Certified Employee-Owned, UNA Denver, Colorado Jury Nullification, People's Congress of Resistance, Boulder Walks, Grouchy Socialists, Buddhist Humor, OMV, Greater Boulder Greens, Vox Feminista, Denver Homeless Out Loud, East Boulder County United, Spiritual Humor, Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center, Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center, Metro Denver Community Rights, IWW No Co, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Flush the TPP, Active Peace, llc, Green Colorado Media, Alter Net, Denver Court Support, Campaign for Open Debates, The Free Thought Project, Barack W.

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That simple act and then just following all the other advice in the book led to her spending the night and us literally knocking the paintings in my room off the wall at one point!… continue reading »

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