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Spike Jonze Part of the pleasure of editing ' Vogue,' one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it.Anna Wintour It's like you take these great actors and put them in an aquarium of life and just watch them swim.It's like a guitar or a car, you have to fine tune things.You stop doing what's not working, you work on what is working and you add things that do work.

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It's like going to get all the ingredients together, and you've got to make sure before you leave the store that you got all the ingredients.

They don't know what's real and what's not, editing their lives constantly to fit other people's views.

Jessie J I like the idea of the documentary as a portrait.

I want to learn about cinematography, about editing, about music recordings, about post-production.

So when people in the know talk, I willingly listen.There's not a chronological beginning, middle, and end structure.