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27-Dec-2017 17:54

YOU won't believe what the girl from The Inbetweeners looks like now!Emily Atack, who played Will's hard-to-get love interest Charlotte Hinchcliffe on the hit show, is now a gorgeous 26 year old who looks NOTHING like she did while appearing on the sitcom.So, yeah, we had a short-lived thing that was just a bit of fun.Then we went off in our opposite directions."And if that's not all, she said: "Harry and I had a laugh. We haven't spoken in a while - he's one of the most famous people in the world now."Yes, yes he is.In 2014 Emily is rumoured to have dated One Direction star Harry Styles, and infamously took to Twitter to talk about the relationship.

One photo shows the star seductively leaning against a mirror while posing for a selfie.

" In August Emily admitted to having a romance with the singer, saying: "Yeah, we had a short-lived thing. Harry and I had fun, then went in opposite directions.

We haven't spoken in a while." We reckon Harry might be ringing Emily again after seeing what she looks like now!

A source close harry said: "They're perfect for each other, they really are.

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They've been getting to know each other and keeping things quiet but they're close.Emily had a little gossip with Reveal magazine, and admitted: "We were never boyfriend and girlfriend.