Estj and entj dating

02-Jan-2018 07:58

INTJs make calm, collected, pragmatic leaders who see reality as a playground for working out and refining their theories and strategies.Not only they always have a good plan in place, they also have several other alternatives in case the original plan doesn’t work out.It has been said that ENTJs are natural leaders while INTJs are masterminds that help ENTJs to achieve their ambitious goals, hence the name “Mastermind”.The only difference between these two personality types is their introversion / extroversion preference (also spelled as “extraversion”).⇧ ♦ INTJs as Leaders INTJs are naturally introverted and need a lot of time alone.This natural preference also means that despite their high capacity as leaders, they prefer to stay in the background and won’t lead unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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They possess a high learning capacity; not only they can easily process difficult material, they can also accurately reproduce received information.

ENTJ’s extroversion helps them lead, while INTJ’s introversion helps them plan and strategize more effectively.

Although INTJs don’t strive to lead and command, they may take the place of a leader if there isn’t anyone else willing or capable to do that.

⇧ ♦ INTJ’s Decision-Making Style INTJs are highly self-confident and take decisions quickly and easily.

In fact, they are unable to relax and rest until they take a definite decision regarding whatever they have in mind at the moment.

Thanks to their introverted nature, they are concerned with their projects and ideas first, people second.