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10-Nov-2017 10:22

Northwestern also waded into controversy last year when it proposed moving some Campus Inclusion and Community offices into the Black House, the social and academic epicenter for black students, professors and staff on campus for decades. Many said the purpose of creating the Black House in the late 1960s was to give black people on campus a dedicated place to share experiences unique to them. A Northwestern University professor who wrote a controversial essay on how colleges police faculty-student relationships sparked a national debate over academic and sexual freedom.

In doing so, she found herself the subject of an investigation into gender discrimination — one of the very issues...

The University of Chicago has some advice for college students who think they need to be protected from offensive or unattractive ideas: Toughen up, kids. In a refreshingly direct letter to the incoming class of 2020, the U. Earlier this month, De Paul University denied a request to have conservative commentator Ben Shapiro give a speech at the university, citing security concerns, after his talks had sparked protests on other campuses.

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(Lisa Black)Northwestern officials declined to comment for this story, but in a January editorial in The Washington Post, President Morton Schapiro cited the Black House controversy as an experience that helped convince him that "safe spaces" were necessary on the Evanston campus."I'm an economist, not a sociologist or psychologist, but those experts tell me that students don't fully embrace uncomfortable learning unless they are themselves comfortable," Schapiro wrote.

of C."The right thing to do is empower the students, help them understand how to fight, combat and respond, not to insulate them from things they will have to face later," Stone said.

While the university doesn't support, require or encourage trigger warnings, it does not prohibit them, he added.

"I think it's kind of important to remind people that the content can be triggering, and to almost prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to be discussing this in the context of a classroom."Crane said that in some cases the warning helped free students who wanted to share personal stories.

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But she said she's also received several evaluations from students who said they still didn't feel prepared for how agonizing and distressing the class sessions would be.

University of Chicago class of 2020, get ready for a college experience filled with debate, discussion — and possibly discomfort.

Various spaces became visible: The Cathedral, the gardens, the silos.… continue reading »

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