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25-Nov-2017 09:27

Most of their lives they're larvae under water, living in the sediments of lakes and streams, feeding off of small plants. Once they start maturing they'll emerge from the water as a cream colour and then shed their skin.

What makes these insects unique is their mating process, the blizzard-like mess.

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According to da Silva, the insects are a sign of a healthy ecosystem, so you actually want them around.

"If we're looking at what they need to survive, they need a really good environment that has good oxygen in the water," said da Silva.

"That's pretty much a healthy habitat, so having them in your lakes is probably a good sign that the lake is healthy or in the stream, because these guys are just thriving in there." Fish flies are found in various locations.

Da Silva says Lake Erie tends to get them and some areas in Michigan.

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