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15-Jul-2017 07:35

I dutifully clicked the link, and a new message popped up: We’re Sorry.

This content requires Adobe Flash Player, which is not supported by your device. So I started over again at the Ultraviolet web site, but as soon as I typed in my authorization code, I got a scolding that the code “has already been used”.

It also said Fandango’s combined audience reach will grow to more than 63 million unique visitors per month.

Fandango will continue to operate as a unit of NBCUniversal.

And on top of that, an expiration date less than a year after the release date of the movie seems unreasonable. It turns out that Ultraviolet does not, itself, directly fulfill the advertising promise of letting me “watch it anywhere” and “instantly … Ultraviolet delegates this fulfillment obligation to any of several “retailers”.

When I typed in my authorization code, the Utraviolet web site refused to proceed until I made a selection between one of two “retailers”.

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Surely I was not the first person who had ever run into this problem that VUDU is incapable of playing a movie on an Android tablet. Yes, as far as I knew I had done so, despite the expiration date of July 15, 2015. Clicking on the provided link gave a list of ten “media providers”, among them the Flixter and VUDU that had popped up on the screen back when I first keyed in my authorization code. Which of these ten “media providers” happens to have a way that I can download my movie to my Android tablet?

Seemed simple enough, until I read the fine print on the package insert, which said: Code may not be valid after 7/15/15.

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