Formview itemupdating parameters

16-Aug-2017 15:12

For this i have used Sql Data Source To fetch records from database and populate and update detailsview.We need to write code in Data Bound And Item Updating Events of Detailsview to get the selected value in dropdownlist from database when edit or update button is pressed.I would just like to display an error if validation failed. Hello Binh, On Item Updated event will fire only when the grid is bound to Data Source Control.Since you are using Need Data Source event to bind the grid, try the following approach to make the grid in edit mode after update operation.

Web Controls 名前空間Details View クラスGrid View Form View Row Form View Mode Access Data Source クラスSql Data Source Object Data Source Allow Paging Current Mode Data Key Names Default Mode Pager Style Pager Settings Edit Row Style Empty Data Row Style Footer Style Header Style Insert Row Style Pager Style Row Style Edit Item Template Empty Data Template Footer Template Header Template Insert Item Template Item Template Pager Template Item Created Item Command Item Deleted Item Deleting Item Inserted Item Inserting Item Updated Item Updating Mode Changed Mode Changing Page Index Changed Page Index Changing employees Form View. From the arguments you can extract previous value (available under args.get_cell Value()) and new value (available under args.get_editor Value()) thus you can compare them if needed.Regards, Angel Petrov Telerik Hi, when I use the On Batch Edit Closing event and call args.set_cancel(true) it cancels the event.Regards, Angel Petrov Telerik Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?

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Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?Hi, When using batch editing the user entered data should be first validated on the client.

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