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11-Dec-2017 04:08

The soft silky fabric of my knee length nightshirt made it easy to press with force while I rubbed the outer sides of my hands through the front of my very tingly groin.

The one nice thing about being so slim was my bones act to help press my sex hard.

I only weigh 90 pounds so I am almost all bones however I do have a very feminine shape still and not one like a board as most women my build are cursed with.

My hands came palms together and moved down in front of me so that they could press against my warm triangle.

My hair is one of the things I really like about myself as it is not too thin so it has substance.

Her right hand went my behind my head and I could feel her fingers weave their way through my golden blonde hair.

I go over to the toilet and lift my nightshirt and sit down.

I spread my legs about a foot apart and run the index finger of my right hand through my wet slit. The fingers of my left hand reach out and slightly squeeze my right breast.

This has only been happening to me now for a few weeks ever since I came across that web site ‘

I had been daydreaming about being bound and used especially when taking a bath.

This is why I loved to travel at least once a month as I could take the longest baths and no one would disturb me.