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19-Nov-2017 00:02

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~Emily~ Emily could certainly understand why Chris drew this kind of attention from a younger, more attractive woman.

He had a handsome face to go with that chiseled jaw and a pretty, almost girlish mouth with puffy, feminine lips made for kissing.

It sailed over his head, missing him by mere centimeters and striking the wall directly behind him.

Fortunately the cup was made of plastic so it bounced harmlessly off the plaster before clattering onto the wooden floor without breaking.

But the water that had filled the drinking implement splattered everywhere when the cup hit the wall and the splashback soaked the back of Chris's shirt.

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If you're looking for an instant erotica fix, this probably isn't the story for you but I guarantee it pays off eventually.

This is my first entry in the science fiction/fantasy genre (I didn't think the story fit very well in any other category) so I hope my dear readers can provide me with plenty of feedback and let me know what worked for you and what didn't.

But it hadn't ended there and her continued advances were absolutely unwanted on Chris's part.

Chris tried to keep his distance once Debbie's interest became clear but the twenty-something blonde girl was totally obsessed and wouldn't stop harassing him.

I mean, what truth or significance could a poor, simple girl like me possibly construe from these pictures? " Debbie's tits were practically exploding out of her too-small bra. Debbie had taken a naked picture of herself holding her phone in one hand while looking behind her back at a bathroom mirror.