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"And the only person who knows about what I'm telling you, the kind of things I'm telling you, is me."There was the likable, easygoing Keyes, who became an atheist despite—or perhaps because of—being raised in a Bible-thumping home of 10 kids.In adulthood, he grew to be an efficient carpenter and craftsman with a 10-year-old daughter.He also described at least two bank robberies he cleanly pulled off: one in 2009 in Tupper Lake, New York, and another near Fort Worth, Texas, last February. Though the heists were thousands of miles and years apart, security-camera videos show him wearing the same striped and padded gloves and holding what appears to be the same silver-and-black semiautomatic handgun at both banks. The long-winded Keyes also confessed to the burglary and arson of a home in Texas, and the abduction and rape of a teen Oregon girl in the late 1990s, when Keyes was around 18.Additionally, he said in the interviews, he had been on the verge of committing three other murders last spring.

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Rule #2: Pick your victims at random."Back when I was smart [before he got caught] . "I would go to a remote area that's not anywhere near where you live, but that other people go to as well."And if you're choosing people to kill, he said, you can't be too picky.

Keyes grew up in Colville, a small Stevens County town (population 4,700) about 70 miles north of Spokane.

By the time they come home, they will be so grateful to have adult company that you don’t have to come up with anything interesting to say. Teachers are walking stationery suppliers and can meet your every equipment need from that Biro you need while on an important phone call to an emergency bottle of Tipp-Ex. All of that chocolate and wine is shareable and you are first in line. If they say they’ll be at the restaurant at 7pm then they will be. They pretty much have to be when working with young people. If they know how to say the right things at parents’ evenings, then that awkward family meal will be a breeze. … continue reading »

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I said Hi, she replied and it's been perfect ever since.… continue reading »

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Fourth, embalming proliferated because of an industry-inspired mythology that portrayed current practices as a technological culmination of ancient sacred rites dating back to ancient Egypt.… continue reading »

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Us Weekly has confirmed that the former couple’s four-year marriage came to an end as of Wednesday, December 20, almost a year after the Supergirl star filed for divorce.… continue reading »

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