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Without hesitation, she began to look for a way to scale the walls up to this potential point of entry.It didn't take long to locate what she sought; a stout drainage pipe that disappeared into the darkness above her only a few feet to the right of her intended goal.Author's Note: Deep in the heart of rural Suffolk sits a secluded mansion house; the subject of numerous rumours and tales of strange goings-on. They have never met, but their paths are destined to converge, and their lives become inextricably entangled with... Chapter 1 - Cathy The Cat Burglar Cathy scaled the perimeter wall and momentarily sat atop the high brick structure.Her eyes swiftly scanned the landscape in front of her; no trace of guard dogs roaming the overgrown lawns, no sign of security personnel or movement sensitive lighting.Giving the ancient structure a thorough examination, to ensure that it was sturdy enough to take her weight, Cathy began to climb with the agility of the creature that gave its name to her profession - the cat.The clinging nature of her garments was of vital importance in this respect, as any clothing that could snag and tear in a situation like this would have been both a hindrance and a danger.In fact, aside from the wall and the securely locked wrought iron gates, there was very little sign of there being any preventative measures having been put in place to deter trespassers from getting into the grounds.Her gaze drifted further afield, towards the mansion house about one hundred yards in front of her.

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As always on her missions to relieve the rich of their wealth, Cathy was attired in her best cat burglar outfit.

The rambling old building, with its Tudor architecture, had seen better days, but was still quite impressive, even when viewed in twilight. There must be at least a hundred, Cathy guessed, taking into account the towers that rose at each corner above the main body of the building.

Although not visible from this angle, Cathy knew - having cased the joint carefully over the past few weeks - that the house was actually built in the shape of a U, with the two arms, or wings, creating a vast courtyard at the rear.

The only lights in the building emanated from two ground floor windows on the far left hand side of the house.

All other windows, both at this level and on the three storeys above, were merely black rectangles against a slightly lighter background of stone. It wasn't as if the night was cold; in fact the air still retained much of the sun's heat from what had been a pleasant late spring day. It couldn't be that she was nervous about breaking into country houses under the cover of darkness. Shrugging off this strange, fleeting sensation, Cathy returned her attention to the task in hand; namely to get into the building, acquire whatever valuables she could lay her hands on, then take her leave before anyone realised that she had ever been on the premises.This consisted of a snugly fitting black spandex cat-suit, footed and gloved, which formed a skin-tight covering from her neck downwards.

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