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Apparently Kandi needs some of those too – she admits to actually forgetting Ace at home one day, and not realizing until she was at the end of the street. Riley is sad that Block is absent, and Kandi doesn’t know what to do, so she contrives new ways to help her children become moguls.Ace, aged 6 months, now has his own “lifestyle brand” company called Raising Ace, and Kandi has him doing around a photoshoot on a potty chair.Again, she is devastated to learn that Peter won’t continue to pine for her once those papers are signed!Cynthia wants to have her brownie, and eat it too, which means she wants to be rid of Peter on paper, but still keep all the good parts of their union – like him being her bestie, listening ear, and scapegoat.

Kenya is mothering her post-adolescent man child by installing nanny cams all over the house so he doesn’t break the fine china.Last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta Secrets Revealed episode may has well have been our official goodbye to Phaedra Parks. At one point she even licked a peach-shaped candle and mocked it for not being a real peach. Obviously there was much ado about the drama between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams, which we now know was all initiated by Phaedra. Later Phaedra meets all the girls except Kandi for drinks to discuss her disastrous ‘friendship re-connection dinner’ with Kandi at the beginning of the season.

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