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24-Jul-2017 19:54

The bad drunk, the children who scream they hate you for turning off their wifi, the mother who says something horribly unkind when angry.We forgive this behaviour that is driven by far less cause. When the doctors say no, the courts say no, and the European Court of Human Rights refuses to intervene – despite wading in so heroically to defend the human rights of immigrant rapists and terrorist baby-killers – Charlie's parents have a simple choice: fight or despair.

Charlie's parents, Connie and Chris, are just like the rest of us, normal parents hoping for a healthy baby, doing all the right things.I don't think these two things are necessarily neatly aligned.The Gards argue that Charlie has a right to seek help and, because he is their child, the decision should rest with them. At just ten months old, suffering from a rare genetic condition and acutely brain damaged, he cannot breathe for himself, see, or swallow. It's quite possible he will never utter a single word. Charlie Gard, blind, utterly dependent, acutely sick, has half the world holding their breath just to make sure he takes hear his next. The reason we are drawn to baby Charlie and his plight is that he is all of us, every good mum and every decent dad.

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At times it feels as if we are all listening, like parents hovering over a baby monitor, watching for the flicker of lights across the little screen, for the sound of soft cries or sleepy snuffling. Another funny little me, but smaller and softer and much better, tucked up safe upstairs. Charlie is the decision we dread, the test we avoid because we don't know what we'd do with the answer.

Trump is standing up for a Christian culture he is passionate about.

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