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I carefully inserted the panties into his gapping mouth, he accepted them without a word.

I smiled and stepped back to the center of the room.

I took another long drag, and blew a tight cone of smoke that reached Pete's face five feet away. After another inhale, I blew a series of perfect tiny smoke rings, and then removed my bra. He stared at them, as stepped a little closer for a better shot of my pert breasts.

However, his other hand never stopped pinching the now large bulge in his pants.

All the while, he constantly commented on how hot I looked. By the time he gave me another 120, my panties were wet. With my legs spread just little, one hand on my hip, I lit the cigarette with the other.

I inhaled, tossed the lighter in a nearby chair, smiled, and then let a small wisp of smoke escape through my lips, while sucking it up my nostrils.

If you aren't comfortable with the result, we will erase it, and you can keep the 4K anyway," she said.

When I got the dress off, I stood there, with just my panties and bra on.

Desperate for money, I decided to give the modeling thing a try. He was extremely handsome, with black wavy hair, a muscular frame, and a disarming smile.

Fortunately, the studio was only a short drive from the campus, and I had no trouble finding it. I cautiously followed him down a long flight of stairs into the basement, worried that I had gotten myself in over my head.

By the end of my sophomore year at university, I had accrued a pile of student debt, and still had two more years to go. As I sat on the steps, blowing smoke rings, I finally relaxed. We began chatting, and I told her about my money problems.

She said that I should think about becoming a smoking model.I really wanted a smoke to calm my nerves, but resisted, in case I needed to smoke when I got there. The basement was divided into numerous small rooms or "studios," with curtains separating them. Once he was set up, I placed the cigarette between my lips, lit it, and inhaled deeply. The worst thing about being a redhead was that my pale skin turned crimson with the least provocation. Pete told me that my complexion was incredibly sexy, which is just what I needed to hear. Before I could answer, Pete began raving about what a sexy smoker I was, and how everyone was going to love the shoot.

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