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Donna Dresch's zine Chainsaw became a record label as well, and began to release recordings by newer bands such as The Need, The Third Sex and Longstocking.

Mainstream media coverage intensified when Pansy Division toured the U. In the 2000s, queercore club nights and events continued to take place throughout Europe and North America.

S.; the tour was called Queercore Blitz and was yet another way to connect the like-minded.

Queer groups active in the UK included Edinburgh Queer Mutiny, Queers Without Borders, Queer Mutiny North, Cardiff Queer Mutiny and Queer Mutiny Brighton.

Along with Outpunk, independent record labels such as Alternative Tentacles, K Records, Kill Rock Stars, Lookout!

Records, Yoyo Recordings and Candy Ass Records also supported and released material by queercore artists but in the mid to late 1990s several other small labels, alongside Outpunk, sprung up solely devoted to queercore.

These zines, and the movement, are characterised by an alternative to the self-imposed ghettoization of orthodox gay men and lesbians; sexual and gender diversity in opposition to the segregation practiced by the mainstream gay community; a dissatisfaction with a consumerist culture, proposing a DIY ethos in its place in order to create a culture of its own; and opposition to oppressive religious tenets and political repression. D.s editors released the first queercore compilation, J.