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25-Sep-2017 19:27

I froze for a moment wondering what I should do, should I say something to her?Should I stick my cock through and let her suck it? After a brief pause I quickly stood up zipped up my pants and hurried out of the booth and hustle my way out to my car and drove away. Five-foot-nine, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin, a thick Afro and a nice, big brown butt, that's me in a nutshell.Gripping Blake's hips, Devon slammed his dick up his ass.To silence Blake's screams, I made him suck my strap-on dildo.Devon is six feet two inches tall, muscular and dark-skinned, manly and sexy like only a black man can be.I met Devon Garrett last year while he was visiting his sister Michelle at my school.I slammed the strap-on dildo up Blake Tremblay's ass with a passion. Oh, and judging from the way the pale, weak bozo squirmed, if he hadn't had a big black dick down his throat, would have been screaming up a storm. The way I see it, men love to fuck us women up the ass.

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I noticed a line outside one of the booths which was a sure sign that a woman or couple were in the adjoining booth.I still could not see her face but everything else about her was beautiful and perfect.Finally the stranger shot his load into her mouth and it must have been a big load because it made her cough a bit and gag and her boyfriend reach down and just held the back of her head making sure she didn't remove her mouth from his cock.I knew I wanted this fine-looking Caribbean brother from the moment I first laid eyes on him.

Devon recently graduated from Carleton University with an accounting degree. I know a lot of black females out there aren't cool with this but my Devon is bisexual and I am okay with that.My turn finally came and I entered the booth and I peeked through the hole, to see a very hot 20 something sucking the cock the man in the other booth. Her boyfriend who was in the booth with her was encouraging her, telling her what a good cocksucker she was and how naughty she was to be sucking strangers cocks.

Don't get me wrong I love my wife (the ex not so much) and we have a great near conventional sex life, its just not quite enough. However what this does mean is that discretion with me is paramount. I like the idea of a lady with a strap on and I have had the odd finger and you in there. So what am I looking for, I'd like to knock as many of the following off my sexual bucket list while helping others do the same. If you do, it will be considered a serious violation and will be subject to legal ramifications. I'm a solo mother and separated from my husband for a while now however I don't want that to stop me from having fun.… continue reading »

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