French adult site

04-Sep-2017 11:48

French Bulldogs are dogs first and foremost and YES they can be aggressive, there is no way to predict 100%.

If you want to know for certain what a puppy is going to be like as an adult don't get a puppy, get an adult. Just like you can't predict what a 1 year old Child is going to be like as an adult, same goes for puppies... Many times people expect too much from puppies, they want all the answers and then when the puppy doesn't turn out the way they want they are upset.

Of course they don't take long to tire out, after all they are a brachycephalic (flatface) breed, but they do enjoy play time and exercise in moderation.

They can be stubborn so do know they need discipline and need to be taught right from wrong and of course them spoil them all you want.

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