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There's no way he didn't hear her singing or see her dancing since he had crept in and stolen her towel at some point. Fucking bitch." His thrusts reaching as deep as possible. " she whimpered and her body trembled and she clawed at his back. Blake shuddered and traced his thumb on her plump bottom lip. She bit his bottom lip and dragged it out, he moaned in her mouth. "Give me what I want." she demanded, staring him in the eye. He stroked it over her chest and she moaned at the sight. Blake got rougher with his mouth, licking her deeper and moaning into her pussy. Amelia quickly opened the shower door, stepped in and shut it behind her. Still holding onto the door, Amelia was jutted out into the bathroom with her feet in the shower and her top half in the open air of the bathroom.

She wished the earth would swallow her whole at that very moment. " she yelled as she nakedly pushed him hard in the chest. He reached up to her breast with the hand that wasn't on her clit. He growled through the pain and put his whole body into the effort of his thrusts. His huge cock all wet and shiny being jacked off right above her. Amelia lay back off of her shoulders and writhed as he worked. Blake moaned again onto her clit at the sight and slipped two fingers into her pussy. Blake moaned again in response, vibrating her whole pussy. " Amelia massaged and pinched her nipple with one hand while she slipped two fingers from her other hand into her mouth, sucking Blake's cum from them. Blake looked up her body in seeming slow motion as the water ran down her curves onto the bathroom floor.

As she stepped into the water and started shampooing her hair she tried to get lost in the music but found herself thinking about Richard again. At this she was able to calm her thoughts down long enough to appreciate her favorite song that had shuffled itself into playing through the speaker hooked up to her phone. She found herself feeling better with every lyric and every improvised and ridiculous dance move.

He put his mouth over her earlobe and dragged his teeth on it. Blake gave a triumphant smile at the defeated woman in his hands. "You must think you're reeealll funny." He said with an angry grin. " He smacked her too hard again and she squirmed to get away from the pain but he held her down.

He lifted her slightly and slammed her against the wall with his body, still kissing her, knocking a framed picture to the ground. He furrowed his brows and pulled her into another kiss. He was now trapped outside her apartment in only his boxers. He pushed her to the bed and removed his boxers before he climbed on top of her, continuing to hold her throat. He slid his hand from her throat to her hair, pulling it hard. "You don't seem to be handling it well." She smiled. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head. "How about I open the door again and all your neighbors can see what a whore you are, getting your ass smacked in the middle of the day?

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