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22-Jun-2017 18:54

Jana and Ceri (Leona Vaughan and Siwan Morris) returned, as did Dr Whitewood (now played by Letty Butler).

The Ks (Rachel Teate, Gabrielle Green and Shorelle Hepkin) gained further dimensions.

If your audience can feel moved by little more than two lines from a little-seen character, you’ve done something right.

Remember when Buffy first went down that lift into The Initiative, or the revelation of the Augustine Project in Stupid stuff. They’re leaders and ditzes, scientists and villains, ‘binlids’ and heroes. And sci-fi and fantasy needs plenty more like them.

(Additionally, whether intended or not, between Dr Whitewood, Dacia, Miss Fitzgerald, Shannon and Kara, has to be more effective than any campaign you can name in attracting girls to STEM subjects and careers. Over the series, Rhydian, Tom, Shannon and Jana learned to be more circumspect about the people they trust, and about the dangers of being seduced by popularity or flattery.

’s horror leanings very well-observed in its direction, with remarkably effective jump-scares and creepy moments for a CBBC show, it’s also steeped in the world of comic books.

If teachers might hope that the series will spark an interest in ancient Celtic history amongst its young viewers, then it’s only fitting that we geeks hope that it also sparks an interest in the on-page worlds of DC and Marvel.

Later, Wolfblood hunter-descendant Liam (Niek Versteeg) is asked whether he’s still “Buffy the Werewolf Slayer”.