Ghana dating scam senior

25-Dec-2017 07:17

Dying to rip you off with promises of a fortune (fake of course).

[email protected] Advance fee scammer claiming they have fortune. [email protected] phishing scam claiming to missed messages from google.

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Send your money to Nigeria to Martin George hey he's such a nice guy he gives you his Cell Phone number 234-9097646315 [email protected]& [email protected] Lamia NAel is from Syria and has a business proposal for you. [email protected] Deidre O'Sullivan has a linked in message for you and it's a phishing scam. [email protected] Claimed to be from Coca-Cola, wants you to click on download with malicious software.

They claim they have your domain name and will cancel it. [email protected]& [email protected] If only you had a drone that could reach Western Africa that could drop a rock on this guys head.

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