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He came across her in an interview she had conducted with a European magazine; when asked who she’d like to work with, she had answered Prince. The pair recorded Hill’s new album, , over the course of two or three weeks, which Prince says is “the fastest album he’s ever made.” Now he’s trying to figure out how to release it. Direct questions about the timing of the new release (“Sooner than you’d think”), who played on the record (“Lots of folks”), and whether it’s coming out on any particular label (“We’re figuring that out”) were met with vague, unilluminating answers, and Prince seemed more eager to turn the tables and ask his guests the big questions.

When they met in person last April, she told him that she wanted to make an album that sounded like Sly and the Family Stone. It’s common knowledge that the music industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades, and Prince started the conversation by pointing out the challenge of releasing music in the current market and asking the room for advice. “Those guys put out 10 albums a year, just to put them out there. Fox 9’s Rachel Chazin was especially insistent about Spotify’s potential, explaining that as a 23-year-old, her generation listens almost exclusively to streaming music.

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On a snowy Sunday night when most Minnesotans were glad for the excuse to snuggle up and stay off the roads, Prince invited a handful of journalists and a few dozen die-hard fans out to Paisley Park to dance, watch a screening of around midnight that the members of the press—which included longtime Star Tribune music critic and Prince expert Jon Bream, departing City Pages music editor Reed Fischer, Fox 9 News digital producer Rachel Chazin, and several staff members from the Current—were led into Paisley Park’s Studio A and seated behind its enormous console. She had served on the first school board in 1924 and continued to serve for 22 more years. Downey Elementary was named after the downey family.