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On the surface this may sound difficult; but in practice I found it perfectly simple to combine the most rigidly rational conceptions of phenomena with the most exalted and enthusiastic celebration of their sublimity.” group formed in the 12th century.Members of the Masonic Knights Templar do not claim a direct connection to the medieval group, but merely a borrowing of ideas and symbols.Current members of the Rosicrucian Order claim that its origins are far more ancient than these documents.The authors of the documents seemed to strongly favor and, in fact, the 18th degree of Scottish Rite Masonry is called the Knight of the Rose Croix (red cross).

Membership levels were initially first and second degree, but in the 1750s this was expanded to create the third degree which caused a split in the group.

The Masonic type tend to also have degrees of membership. Membership is based upon degrees of initiation and highly stylized “I resolved that my Ritual should celebrate the sublimity of the operation of universal forces without introducing disputable metaphysical theories.

I would neither make nor imply any statement about nature which would not be endorsed by the most materialistic man of science.

Although the agenda and list of participants are openly available to the public, it is not clear that such details are disclosed by the group itself.

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Also, the contents of the meetings are kept secret and attendees not to divulge what was discussed.The three degrees of Masonry are: 1: Entered Apprentice, this makes you a basic member of the group.