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30-Dec-2017 19:00

On the bright side, there are a growing number of events, and organisations which celebrate older gay men and women and who have or continue to tirelessly work in trying to break down the stigma and stereotypes that are often associated with mature gay men.Put simply, to be ageist or to hold prejudices against mature men is a waste of time.Being mature is a life stage which should be celebrated, it should be rejoiced and it should never be ignored.There is a special romance that exists within all long term relationships, and that’s regardless of the age difference between them.

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If you load up the Grindr application, or any gay dating app you'll find a bunch of varying comments with ageist attitudes that will brazenly attack old trolls, 'daddies' and 'grandpas'.Often, mature gay men are left to fend for themselves with the majority of queer groups and government funded organisations focusing on queer youth, and young gay men.This, however, is a trend that can be seen across the world regardless of ones sexuality.The fact is that mature individuals have a wealth of knowledge, experience and a lifetime of stories to share about getting to that point in their lives.

Mature people have lived, and they have lived in ways that seem foreign and unknown to the youth of today.

This website is dedicated to exploring the world of mature gays and mature gay sex.

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