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09-Jul-2017 13:01

The cost depends heavily on the age and construction of the house, instead of the size of the home.

For example, dropping a new wire from the attic into drywall walls in a modern house is much easier and less expensive than trying to fish wire through old plaster walls from a muddy crawlspace.

Where a homeowner can legally do the work without an electrician, it's important to remember that this means you as the homeowner, not your uncle Harry who's handy with tools.

If your home is currently for sale, pending, or contingent and you notice information is not showing correctly, please double check with your listing agent to make sure the MLS listing information is input correctly into the local real estate database.Licensed electricians can cost between to per hour.However, the hourly rate alone is not as important as the electrician's experience and capabilities.Failure to properly price your listing right from the start can not only cause your listing to expire, it can cost your seller tens of thousands of dollars as well.

If you’re not good at pricing properties correctly, there’s no better time to acquire this fundamental real estate success skill with price-per-square foot.

It's important to keep in mind that electricians study for years as apprentices and must pass rigorous testing before they are licensed.

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