How does potassium argon dating work

06-Nov-2017 06:36

- Adam inquisitive librarian, I read much of interest. The evolutionists I debate with always resort back to that method, as they say it can date back millions of years.- Craig Yes, the map you refer to found in Turkey is the Piri Reis map. The very earliest maps show evidence of high technology and mapping techniques, of a complete globe that was known to be spherical.There are a couple of others that show Antarctica in detail, as well. Later, as knowledge became lost, others set out to explore the world - and although more limited in their knowledge, were still aware of the planet as a whole, including its size.These are supposed to be the Dauphne maps, but derived from much older sources.The curious thing about his 'voyage of discovery' was that where he placed the British flag to claim sovereignty, ie.There are numerous descriptions in world wide cultures describing boats that are consistent with the ancient Chinese junks of 1421.In 2002, China unearthed a tomb containing statues of the hundreds of sailors who set sail in 1421 to navigate throughout the world.

or is this most likely the result of the earth shift during the flood? read that they were declared to be thousands of years old. I'm guessing carbon-dating, however I am really interested to see if any radiometric dating was done on it. Man-made "help" through nuclear conflict could have played a secondary role a little later.); and examples such as the carved stones of Africa, the remains of Chinese peoples in South America, and artefacts scattered all over the world, inscribed with Chinese characters, in Chinese styles, some of these have been dated before thearrival of the Europeans.

These are confirmed ancient Chinese characters -'Ming Dynasty type' and not 'mysterious' writings as per your book.

DNA results also show that the decendents of specific Chinese sailors live on in the DNA of native Americans and Australians.