How to be non intimidating seminar

13-Oct-2017 22:09

NEW RULE #1: DIFFERENTIATE OR DIE: When people see your ad or find your website, you’ve got about point 2 seconds to make the sale.

People would see your ad, call you, and actually set appointments. I mean, they have money, but they know that most of it will just be wasted. The recession is behind us, the economy is good, and people are ready to spend your website, and emails that you should be sending prospects. I’ll show you how and where to advertise for maximum results… This part of the seminar alone could save—or MAKE—you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Not everybody is ready for this information—it’s much easier to just keep trying to do what you’ve always done.And this isn’t a magic-bullet solution that you can easily implement in 3 hours after the seminar.Other Credentials: I’ve spoken at every industry event that matters (Replacement Contractor Executive Conference, The Remodeling Show, Qualified Remodeler Top 500 Event, etc.), I write a regular column and blog for Qualified Remodeler Magazine, and many of the biggest companies in the industry have flocked to me for solutions, including Re Bath, Renewal By Anderson, Owens Corning, Four Seasons Sunrooms, Hansons Windows, to name a few. What if you really can increase your conversion rates by 20 to 50%... All of this is available and waiting for you by investing one day away from the office attending this breakthrough seminar.

To see what others are saying about the “New Rules” seminar…I understand that investing a day in a seminar is a huge investment—you deserve to KNOW what you’re getting into before you commit: Is This Just Another “Internet Marketing” Seminar? We will cover several aspects of internet marketing, but this is a “HERE’S HOW YOU DO ALL KINDS OF MARKETING” seminar.

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