How to move from casual dating to a relationship

14-Nov-2017 23:44

Making a verbal promise to stick with your guy shows that you are in it for the long haul.

Sit down and discuss what you both want out of the relationship and where you see it going.

For example, I thought I would be a lawyer, but I hate arguing and feel bad when someone else loses—a whole other issue.

My point is that life doesn't always pan out the way we intended, and that's OK!

Initiate a conversation with your guy or girl, opening up the possibility to transition from "date" to "mate." You will never get past the casual phase if you keep each other at a distance emotionally.

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to swing by a party and pick him up, so you meet his friends fleetingly. He really goes out of his way to see you, even if he’s already seen you a few times this week.

If you both want a commitment, make your ideas on monogamy and exclusivity clear.

For example, say something such as, "I like you, and want to see only you.

Although it might seem scary to ask outright, doing so can get you what you want.

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For example, ask the object of your affection, "Do you want to make our relationship official?

Ask her questions that go deeper than "What's your favorite TV show? " Instead, focus on her beliefs, values and overall life goals.

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