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19-Jul-2017 13:34

I’ve come across this claim repeatedly, though the application of the 80/20 rule varies.Sometimes it’s stated that 20% of the men get 80% of the sex, which is actually a very different claim. Women in their 20s, when they are at their peak of fertility and beauty?The averages are higher because a small number of individuals — especially men — report a very large number of partners.Five percent of the men in this sample reported having had 99 or more sex partners, including four who reported 200, three who reported 300 and one who reported 400.If the Pareto Principle doesn’t apply here, then we’re talking about a very different distribution of sex, one in which a much smaller group of promiscuous women is having sex with a roughly equivalent sized pool of promiscuous men.Furthermore, if we define the 80/20 Rule to mean that 20% of the men are getting 80% of the intercourse, we may be describing the sexual advantage inherent in committed sexual relationships, rather than a string of casual hookups, each one of which requires some investment of time and energy, even for the most attractive men.

This belies the notion that the majority of women are “riding the cock carousel” while in their prime. Race is a strong predictor of the number of sexual partners.Women who are accustomed to having sex with highly attractive men don’t want to “settle” and marry the kind of less sexy man that would be willing to marry. This means that both men and women remain circulating in the dating pool for long periods without settling into marriage…As promiscuity increases, marriage declines and fewer singles can find lifelong partners.It’s a rather grim tale, and one that I continue to find compelling. What is not clear is how severe this disequilibrium is.Proportionally, women curtail the number of partners more than men do from their 20s to 30s, probably reflecting the younger average age at marriage for women. Only 16% of men in their 20s have gone without sex in the last year, and that number stays steady in the 30s.

This belies the notion that a large majority of males has zero access to sex.

They generally prefer to circulate among women rather than settle down.