Humorous dating contract

02-Sep-2017 16:19

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Rosy wasn't happy about having to entertain on that evening.

She was pregnant with our first child and found it awkward to be moving around and entertaining.

When she met the client, there were a few seconds where a curious expression of shock and disbelief crossed her face before she put on a mask of polite interest.

The client, Ray Tucker, had a similar moment of shock before it was quickly replaced by bland and humorous geniality.

The concept of a BTB forum came as a result of all the research I did on Literotica on the cheating wives genre.

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Though once we were committed and were fucking regularly, we did get tested first and were exclusive.

He had come over to our offices to discuss some details of the contract.

I'd left them in the board room while I gathered the necessary documents and information.

There was a predatory gleam of smug triumph in his eyes that didn't escape me.

I knew instantly that Rosy and Ray were old acquaintances.

I wasn't too worried about not having heard the rest of their conversation since unknown to our clients and most of the staff, my partner and I had installed voice-activated recorders in the boardroom for the purpose of ensuring that conditions discussed with clients would always be backed up by proof of those discussions.

When I look back at my bad old days, there’re a number of things that stand out as emblematic of who I was – the fear of letting go of a bad relationship because I didn’t think I could do any better, being unable to relax and enjoy my time with one woman because I couldn’t stop looking for the shoe to drop… But there is one very specific night that, to my mind, was one of the most representative of how bad things were.… continue reading »

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Control freak tendencies even if minor, quick personality shifts or changes which can include revenge, quick to anger, inability to admit errors or wrongdoing, and poor active listening skills thus a tendency to interrupt too quickly.… continue reading »

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