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30-Jul-2017 04:08

Those Indians who are the first among their families to migrate to US are usually married or at least have had their marriages fixed back home.The most common meeting grounds among young Indian Americans are community events where there is a large congregation of prospective partners from similar cultural and linguistic backgrounds.Festivals, marriages and religious celebrations are some of the occasions when young Indian Americans can meet and get to know each other.Very often community events organized in places of worship like temples and gurudwaras also function as important venues for checking out girls or guys in the community.Currently the second largest Asian ethnic group in United States, Indian Americans number more than two million, according to the 2003 American Community Survey.Latest data from the Indian American Center for Political Awareness as well as the 2000 US Census reveal further interesting nuggets of information about Indian Americans like the fact that the community exceeds the national average in areas like higher education, professional qualification as well as annual income.Academicians formed the majority of skilled Indian migrants to the US till the 1980s when California’s Silicon Valley witnessed a wave of young software professionals and bright entrepreneurs from India eager to make their mark in the land of opportunities.

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Many Americans of Indian origin have also migrated from the Indian communities in African, Caribbean and Southeast Asian nations.With the inevitable acculturation process, earlier generation of Indian Americans recognize the futility of enforcing arranged marriages on their children.To ensure that the young people marry within their own community but willingly, a number of community leaders organize cultural associations and festivals which play an important role in getting eligible men and women to know each other.After that, the anti-immigration and anti-miscegenation laws brought into force during the two World Wars barred further immigration till 1946 when President Harry Truman signed into law the Luce-Celler Act.

This paved the way for further immigration under family re-unification programs and restored to Indian Americans the right to be counted as naturalized citizens of the United States.

They have as a result began taking advantage of large number of dating services and dating websites, many of which like e either cater to specific ethnic groups or like Indian and Indian which particularly target Indian American singles.

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