Internet dating scams soldiers

30-Nov-2017 11:26

They will get to know their victims quickly, preferring to use instant messaging to speed the scam up.

They will however also use emails only to groom their victims if needed.

The scammer may suggest that with this phone service future phone calls would be free or a greatly reduced price and often fixed as part of a contract.

The scammer will often insist it is the only way to keep in touch.

Like most romance scams, they will be quick to fall in love and display most of the common characteristics of any other African romance scam: Bad English and grammar Not paying much attention to what you say Rarely answering questions Over use of terms such as "babe" Telling you how attractive you are and how much you mean to them often and early Possibly having children at home being looked after by a family member Stolen poetry being sent with claims they wrote it themselves.

Wife left them after infidelity or killed in an accident In almost all cases the scammers will claim to be currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan however IP checks will usually place them in Africa or increasingly Malaysia.

Further, the US Military (or other military forces for that matter) will not allow another person to apply for leave on a soldier's behalf.

The mention of filling in a leave form for a military person is a definite sign of a scam.

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The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money.

The "superior officer" will in most cases be the same scammer, if not, it will be his accomplice Either way it will be part of the scam.