Intimidating guild names

06-Oct-2017 19:46

The warlock and the Warchief distrusted each other; Gul'dan intended to use Blackhand as a puppet ruler, while Blackhand intended to use Gul'dan to secure his place in orcish history.

Shortly thereafter, Gul'dan dispatched agents of the Shadow Council to spread word of Blackhand's deeds and the powerful new force discovered by the Blackrock shaman.

The Blackrocks and their chieftain were seeen as masters of fel magic and were treated with immense reverence.

Following the Horde's defeat, many of the remaining Blackrocks joined forces with Blackhand's sons, Rend and Maim, in what would become known as the Dark Horde at Blackrock Mountain.Gul'dan told the gathered shaman that the elements had abandoned them, but that benevolent beings had taught the Blackrocks how to wield a glorious new power known as fel magic.