Ipad apps hang when updating

19-Jul-2017 14:57

It even advises you to make sure you're running the latest version of i Tunes.

Here's how to archive an i Tunes backup and prepare for i OS 11: This creates a safe backup that we can return to after trying out i OS 11.

If you still want to proceed, downgrading from the i OS 11 beta will be easier than downgrading from the full public version; i OS 10.3.2 is still the newest and current officially supported operating system (i OS 11 hasn't launched officially yet) and will therefore be the software your i Phone or i Pad will be restored to if you select the i Tunes option to Restore and Update. The only issue is that you'll have to restore from a pre-i OS 11 backup (here's how to back up an i Pad or i Phone), so any data or preferences you've saved since then will be lost - and if you haven't got an archived backup from your i OS 10 days (as Apple suggests doing before upgrading), you won't be able to restore your data at all.

In that case all your data will be lost and you'll have to go back to a factory-default 'new i Phone' or 'new i Pad' setup. Anyway, removing the i OS 11 beta is simple: Once i Tunes has reinstalled a fresh version of i OS 10, you have a choice of either restoring from an old backup (remember, your i OS 11 backup won't work) or setting it up as a brand new i Phone.

It can be quite annoying as we are so used to getting information instantly on our i Phones and smartphones.

An app can crash randomly in the middle of using it, which is probably more common, or it can crash immediately after you launch it.

Next we'll look at how to go back to a previous version of i OS (and restore the backup we just created) from i OS 10.

As with anything to do with beta software, there are risks to downgrading from i OS 11 back to i OS 10 - which is why we strongly recommend that you back up all of your data before installing the beta.

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It has been a while since I have had an app crashing on me like this.If you're reading this article it may be too late, but just in case, a few words first about the best way to prepare for installing i OS 11 - steps that will make it easier to go back afterwards.