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The evaluation, launched by DG ECHO in November 2016, was carried out by ICF Consulting Services Ltd, with specialist inputs from humanitarian aid and health experts. 20, 2017 - Lutheran World Relief (LWR), an international NGO working to develop sustainable solutions to poverty, has released its 2018 Early Warning Forecast of regions it is monitoring for potential or worsening humanitarian crises over the coming year: 11 Humanitarian Hotspots for the World to Watch Ambassador Daniel V.

Speckhard, LWR president & CEO, noted that armed conflict is a thread running through the world's current crises.

Belkis Wille Violence between Iraq’s Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi government escalated after Kurds voted for independence in September.

Yet despite their many differences, authorities on both sides have one thing in common – a fondness for attacking the media.

Vienna, Brussels, Geneva – The European Union (EU) has announced additional support to help countries implement their obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention which bans the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of these weapons.

The current Iraqi internal displacement crisis originated with conflict in Anbar governorate between Armed Groups and the Iraq Security Forces (ISF) in late 2013, rapidly spreading to Ninewa and other central governorates of Iraq in June 2014.

The Arc offers full-time and part-time employment in most areas of the agency.

When Miklos Beer, Bishop of Vac, feeds his pet sheep and donkey, the scene brings to mind the stable at Bethlehem. The bishop has personally accommodated refugees in his bishopric in northern Hungary.

“If a person comes through the door, asking for asylum, how can you reject them? Baghdad, 20 December 2017 - A training programme to integrate human rights principles into the work of community police in newly liberated areas of Iraq has given 60 Iraqi Interior Ministry staff of community policing the opportunity to focus on the basic concepts of human rights and gender-based policing to better serve their communities.

The biggest group of staff we employ are the Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

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These individuals have a great amount of responsibility because they work directly with the people with disabilities either in their homes or at their job.

The annual meeting was a combination of key note speakers, abstract presenters and workshops.

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