Is jen dating gerard butler

29-Dec-2017 08:03

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And Jen actually does have the best legs in Hollywood!

"The Scottish star believes the speculation surrounding the status of their relationship will never end, but he hopes it won't affect their future friendship. If Jen remains my friend, which I hope she will, anytime we would ever hang out in any way will be described as us dating again."The pair bonded during filming over their love of food, and Gerard was delighted to be a guest at one of the 40-year-old actress' dinner parties.

Unfortunately, the film is an uneven mess, jumping from cringe-worthy "romantic" moments to OTT action scenes, complete with clichéd hotel room/strip club bits that have been out of fashion for quite some time.

The tonal inconsistencies are reflected in the acting, as well: supporting performances range from passably straight (Jeff Garlin) to borderline ridiculous (Christine Baranski), whereas the leading duo does generally fine when they're together, less so separately, with Aniston being clearly more at ease with the less physically demanding stuff, while the opposite is true for Butler.

(Full disclosure: I don't see many action films, as they're not my favoured genre, so it may be there are even worse ones.)Anyway, being cowardly by nature, as well as a dissembler, I hope we can get through our hour together without mentioning the film – the elephant in the room! This is certainly my plan, as it would be any sensible dissembler's plan, so I kick off by telling him what a fantastic-looking, cutie-pie of a man he is, which, unusually, is actually the truth. not at all." It was close, but I think I got away with it.The story goes like this: Butler is an ex-cop who currently works as a bounty hunter.