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Marie A does an interview and tries out her scissors on the cameraman.Secretary Jaquelin talks about her experiences with sessions. Curvy and powerful Lorraine takes on a slender male.Misstress Kayos squashes her skinny male opponent and applies some scissors to boot. Truly competitive action featuring a determined fan taking on Crystal and 6'2" Francesca one at a time. Tennis Girl scissor on the tennis court and Jaguar shows off her scissor prowess. They also take turns wrestling Ben on the grass and overwhelm him with their size/strength advantage. Bodybuilders Kammi and Ashlee Chambers dominate their male opponents. She uses them on an athletic male who submits repeatedly. Strong Brenda in a one sided match against a tall skinny male. Also Crystal and strong legged Frida crush a male opponent.Jenna takes on Tom and Tina C wrestles vs a male on the mats. Lorraine uses her size advantage and Crystal uses her powerful legs to make Jack scream his surrender. One of the strongest grappling girls ever kaylee makes her debut. Mia wrestles skinny Bryan and uses her size advantage for an easy victory. Stefania in her first match and breathtaking Hannah showing off the power of her scissors. Lora takes on a fan who is 45lbs heavier and loses for the first time.Fitness athlete Zee wrestles vs a male opponent comopetitively. Tyra takes on Tim and Jaquelyn wrestles in her first competitive match. Jaguar is back and Ko's a guy with reverse headscissors. Jaquelyn and Mandy T scissor by poolside and wrestle a male in the backyard.Billie shows her moves and EJ scissors Brad into submission.Sara uses her powerful reverse headscissor to submit Dustin EJ has strong legs and scissors Alex into submission.Laci shows improved skill and dominates her opponent.

The Dating Game includes 3 hotties who need to prove themselves through their scissor prowess.

Tall wrestlers Francesca and Melinda take turns submitting a much shorter male. Crystal and Mandy T take turns crushing poor Tom with their strong legs. Nurse Heather takes on the much smaller Kenneth and overpowers him.

Mandy K uses her strength to effectively submit her opponent. Lexi is interviewed by Blabbermouth and then she humiliates him by totally outclassing him in a wrestling match. Julie and Sara take turns taking on the always tough Stefan.

Gwendolyn and Lexi R take on Bryan in separate matches.

Lexi and Bryan go full force with Lexi victorious via her scissors. Amazons Anjelle and Kyra return to take on separate male opponents. Crystal and Tyra take turns taking on new fan who is of equal weight.

Amazon Tribeca takes on 2 separate males and teaches her friend Gwendolyn to wrestle. Lexi R takes on a fan who does not take her seriously and pays the price. School teacher Cory scissors dead beat dad.6'2" Francesca takes on 2 separate males and showcases her deadly figure-4(triangles).