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02-Jan-2018 11:28

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For Lourdes, the sudden online attention was entirely unexpected.

Finaldi said Robson wasn't the only child Jackson, Staikos and his companies lured to Neverland Ranch.

The man in the picture was really Sergio Cortes, a Spanish musician who travels the world as a Michael Jackson impersonator and performer where he sings, dances, and of course remakes the most iconic poses of the King of Pop.

The musician is currently on tour in South America for his Live Tribute show to the late star, and hasn't responded to his image that has swept American online platforms.

Robson, who has since worked with Britney Spears and appeared as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, claims the abuse went on for the next seven years.

The abuse ranged from French kissing to penetrative sex and only stopped when Robson began 'showing signs of puberty', the complaint claims.

As Robson's lawyers were unable to track Jordan down for a deposition last year, they turned to his sister Lily Chandler instead, hoping she would be able to provide childhood accounts or information about her brother's whereabouts.