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Approaching an agreeable Slytherin for information could have been an excellent plot line, especially when you consider that Harry did not trust Snape to stop Draco.

As with the Hufflepuffs and the Quidditch Team, this is another example of untapped potential. He tells Ron and Hermione but they more or less dismiss him. Surely after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries Harry would have trusted Neville, Luna and Ginny enough to voice his suspicions to them if none of the others.

Harry has a few issues with Angelina during his fifth year but beyond that, the dynamic between Harry and the girls is never really explored.

You would think that being team mates would mean that Harry knows them quite well, but he doesn't appear to.

Because a fan fiction website like this one seems to be the ideal place to do that sort of thing. The sandbox that is the Wizarding World is immensely fun to play in, however there are more than a few large-scale issues with the series.

Love and the examples of it within the series can be a section all of its own.

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They all go into hiding once Voldemort takes over the Ministry and, let's be honest, that whole Seven Potters thing was one of the worst ideas in the long, sad history of terrible wizard's ideas.

The guy on the motorbike should stop accelerating and allow the bike to come to a stop on its own (particularly doable if he finds a hill and goes up it!

) The girl who went down the alleyway usually finds out she avoided being raped because someone else who went down the alleyway ten minutes later was and if this is how you prove your God's existence then I don't think that that particular God is worth believing in (because he/she sure as f*ck ain't merciful!

It might also have added a bit more gravity to her getting cursed in book six.

Alright, so Ernie, Justin, Susan, Hannah and Zacharias all join the DA. Yes, Harry did come to consider Cedric a friend, but that ultimately went nowhere.

Even with all this stuff coming out on Pottermore, we still don't know Hermione's parents names. So while the dates of birth for Hermione, Ginny and Luna have all since been revealed (19th September, 11th August and 13th Februrary respectively) not once are any of these birthdays mentioned in the books. Rowling, a big part of the books is about questioning authority.