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The Morrison beds in North America, the dinosaur beds in Montana, in the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta, the Dakotas, China, Colorado, Utah, Africa, etc., etc., contain literally millions of dinosaur fossils piled together in tremendous heaps.

Ten thousand Hadrosaurs were found on Egg Mountain alone, jumbled together in what appears to have been a mass death.

Would this happen under normal, uniformitarian conditions? Millions of buffalo were slaughtered on the North American plains during the last century, so this should be an ideal reason why multiplied thousands of fossil buffalo should be scattered all over the place.

Are there any great buffalo fossil graveyards to be found? Their remains were disposed of by the normal ravages of the weather, scavengers, and decomposition.

Yake," Creation Research Society Quarterly, 9, 1996.

A response by Bill Yake followed this letter.) Comment.

Additional comment is sometimes provided by the editor; William R.So why are there great fossil graveyards of dinosaurs, where the bones of millions of these beasts lie entombed in vast heaps, together with the piles of fossilized mammals, fish, insects, plants etc., testifying that they all perished together in a great mass death? Let us find out what Stein and Rowe have to say about the process of fossilization.

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