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12-Aug-2017 07:30

It has even turned into fodder for entire news websites, successful podcasts, and multiseason parody series — like the Real Husbands of Hollywood and The Hotwives of Orlando — that have developed their own followings.

As its influence expanded, the franchise has come to represent a kind of Mean Girls sensibility; to say that something is “like Housewives” means to reduce that thing — including major political issues — into supposedly frivolous feminine terms and calculated camp outrageousness.

By tracing the evolution and expansion of the program over time, a clearer picture emerges of how it developed into its captivating combination of fakeness and authenticity, calculation and improvisation, self-promotion and (self-)imposed vulnerability.

It also explains how Housewives’ very success — as the franchise’s conventions became evident to both viewers and castmates — threatens that delicately choreographed balancing act.

Even Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen noted that last year’s Trump-dominated presidential debates had turned into a Real Housewives reunion, implying that they had devolved into petty accusations and a reality TV spectacle.

It’s telling that Cohen invoked the reunion, specifically — in which the castmates sit down in a talk-show setting after the final episode to revisit the season’s major storylines — to draw the comparison.

In some ways, that aspect of the format has become most representative of the franchise’s sensationalism as well as its self-referentiality.

But the Housewives franchise wasn’t always defined by catfights and reunions.

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It’s gone from an avant-garde form of television to the lingua franca of cable, as myriad competitors with their own versions of the feuding-women framework have appeared, including Basketball Wives, Love & Hip-Hop, Mob Wives, and R&B Divas.When she was younger, she worked as a model and actress, most famously in a number of videos for ZZ Top.Tomasino was also a Playboy magazine Playmate of the Month in November 1980.Tomasino is legally separated from her second husband Matt Keough, a second-generation major league baseball player, former pitcher for the Oakland Athletics and a special assistant to Oakland A's general manager.

The couple have three children: Shane, Kara and Colton.

Jeana Ellen Keough was born as Jeana Tomasino on September 18 1955 in Milwaukee , Wisconsin and spent most of her childhood there.