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I can lick pussy with the best and am perfectly comfortable being on the bottom of a 69 with her while the husband fucks her The name is Conagra696. Nice looking man with a pretty cock that is 7.2 inches hard with a good mushroom head. I was working down in San Diegp years ago & was staying with a few other guys by the beach, well one day after work we all began to party & towards the end of the night we were pretty buzzed. He had a huge thick cock at least 9-10" long ( my cock is just the average size), it was nice. As i came out of the bedroom, i saw him unzip and whip out a huge 8 inch soft piece of meat.

& thick & semi-hard, I could not takey eyes off of his shaft until he asked me if I liked what I saw. He then said let me finish my shower & if you want to suck mine I'll have mine & nice hard for you, I nodded my head. As he was standing there peeing, the sunlight was coming thru the window and shining right on his big cock.

My wife and I decided to do a 3 some with this man from a swinger magazine but she did not know when so it became her b day present ! when she came home from work we were sitting there drinkin a beer and I asked her to sit down next to me and after about 5 Min's I reached over and exposed her breast to him and he leaned over and started sucking her nipples and I went to work on her pussy. Getting between your legs, kissing the head of your cock. I wrote back and assured him, I am much bigger than that, and told him that since he was always bragging about his huge dick, he should send some pics of it, and who knows he might get wife has been wanting to see it for 20 years!!!

The next thing I know she had her hand on his cock and I heard her say "oh my" ! Within an hour, he sent me some pics of it and I have to admit, it was still huge.

Hundreds of seductive horny chicks ready to make your most lecherous porn dreams come true are waiting.

He was every bit of 10 inches and I and a half inches around . As a fact, when I'm really heated up, I will give much better cock worship than my wife, and she is very good. .:-PMarried couple and their male "friend" are looking for bi men that would love to get together for some great sexual fun. I had never seen it fully erect, but there it was ...looking to be at least 11 inches or more, ..vieny, with a reddish head. Now, I showed the wife and yes, once again, we had a pretty good session.

The next thing is we undressed her and went to the bed and she sat next to him and stroked his large cock and I sat next to her and she told me that if she was going to ride him I had to get it wet and she forced my head towards his cock ! After that she climbed up on his huge cock and rocked on it with a shriek of pleasure and begged me to lick her clit and both of them came on my face. :-DYou never forget the first cock that slides in your mouth....velvety smooth and mushroom shaped head that slides past your tongue and eases into the back of your mouth and eventually trying to slide down your throat......first gag reflex you get from getting overly excited about giving this magnificent cock to jump in your mouth.......eventually rewarding you with a nice hot filling of your mouth with sweet delicious cum! Kiss Experience and desire enter into the conclusion. Of the years of recieving head, without thought, mem routinely give the best head. Often women deliver the head to just get to the rest of her desires. Wife has a huge sex drive, and two guys are not enough to tire her out! Of course, now, he's in North Dakota..farther away...the chance of us seeing it person is slim..we have our pics and memories!!

I wanna jack off while the head is rubbing your pearl tongue, then I want you to spread your pussy lips wide open so I can cum all on your clit. Kiss I have always enjoyed just sitting back and stroking, playing, feeling and yes. in my young to mid 20s was the first time I tried sucking my cock. and my 7 and a half inch cock was sticking straight up and hard. I haven't had the pleasure of my wife's pussy since May 2005, and wife is training me quite well to live without it. Ben Castration Hi ; I was castrated by my young wife and her lover, We live on a farm and have been nudist forever, our foreman is a younger huge man that my wife found to be eresistable and soon they were having sex and he moved into the old family farmhouse with us.

Only had it really once skinny guy but huge cock couldnt fit a rubber on him it hurt bad until he was all in me then i loved it came without touching my self he never came now I want a huge Cock love a black man to fuck me hard and deep and cum in me. so I grabbed the back of my legs and pulled my self down to my waiting cock. I think she's getting the itch to try another cock, and I'm very welcome to that. He has a huge penis and I have been rather small, so I agreed to let him sleep with us as I to found his cock very pleasant.

Now I love licking her while she is getting fucked! My wife fucks me with her dildo and tells me how much she loves to see a cock in my ass. feeling my throbbing hard cock head touching the back of my throat. I can only lick on and around my throbbing cock head. We are located in Holland Mi., and prefere to play in the West Michigan area. What I didnt know was that all this time, he was a swinger. I dont remember how the subject came up..somehow, he had mentioned having a party at this new house. She went from an A cup to a good healthy D cup she look wonderful an even better she has HUGE nipples.

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