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He knows how to hold his ground with nervous Disney executives, as he did when he made "Rushmore." Disney folks wanted to skip filming Max's school activities montage, but Anderson convinced them that the movie needed it and he got his way.While Anderson has a signature color palette and style all his own, Star Wars could use a dose of eccentricity.Imagine if he was tasked with making a mystical movie about the origin story of Yoda.Wes Anderson: No one gets quirky characters like Anderson, but he also often uses themes of friendship, family conflict and the freedom to be yourself.Bryan Singer: Channeling both "X2: X-Men United" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past," Singer is great with developing franchises and making nerd-friendly content a little more mainstream, just as long as we don't accidentally get a "Superman Returns" along the way.Maybe Singer could give us a movie dedicated to the diverse students attending the Jedi Academy?

Plus, it would be great to finally see a female director leave her mark on the Star Wars universe.

His ideas for making Star Wars even more hip than it already is could be an amusing twist on the franchise.

Plus, imagine how retro-cool the soundtrack would be.

Scott Derrickson: Derrickson turned the unusual Marvel comic book story "Doctor Strange" into a trippy special-effects extravaganza.

He could do the same for an upcoming Star Wars movie.

She also actually played Saché in "The Phantom Menace," so she already has special insight into what it's like to be part of Star Wars.

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