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Often this is followed by a two-letter or three-digit region subtag.

RFC 5646 also allows for a number of additional subtags, where needed.

If a two-letter ISO code is available, this will be the one in the registry.

Otherwise the registry will contain one three-letter code. When RFC 5646 was published, over 7,000 new ISO 639-3 three-letter codes were added to the Subtag Registry.

This is an example of the primary language subtag for Spanish, subtag must always be preceded by a specific primary language subtag, there can only be one in a language tag, and it comes before any other subtags.

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The golden rule when creating language tags is to keep the tag as short as possible.People had to bend something like for Chinese written in Simplified and Traditional scripts should improve consistency and accuracy, and is already becoming widely used, although of course you may need to continue to use the old language tags in some cases for consistency.The region subtag in RFC 3066 took its values from the ISO 3166 country codes.In fact, for most people, RFC 5646 should actually make life simpler in a number of ways – for one thing, there is only one place you need to look now for valid subtags.

Although it provides some additional options for identifying common language variations, RFC 5646 includes all of the tags that were previously valid.

For example, you should avoid subtags that are described in the registry as redundant or deprecated, and you need to use variant subtags in combination with certain other prescribed subtags.